Saturday, December 04, 2004

The Original Young Gunz..............

No No No, not the ones you here on the radio these days or see on BET and MTV. The two Mount Vernon prospects of the legendary soul brother #1 Pete Rock. There is'nt alot of up to date info I can provide on the YG'z. Infact, the last I heard of them was an incident that occured at a A.D.O.R show when they rushed the stage and beefed with the fellow MV MC. Which makes that incident all the more strange, being there from the same area and were discovered and produced by Pete Rock. The Eric's Archive's mp3 this week is from there debut ep and the only known release other than the "Get Your Groove On" white label release that came out about two years ago. From the ep "Street Ngga" here's the title track.

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