Sunday, January 09, 2005

Down To A Science............

One of hip hopes most underrated albums also featured one of hip hopes most underrated producer. Sam Sever who played a big part on 3rd Bass albums The Cactus Album and Derelicts Of Dialect, as well as providing a slew of remixes and and beats from everyone from Big Audio Dynamite to A.D.O.R. Adding his own live drums to many of his productions and blending them with loops from Fleetwood Mac to Herb Albert, Sam Sever was a true pioneer. On the Mc side, Bosco Money who also contributed on the production side although limited, had a nice delivery and fit well with Sam's production. After the group broke up, Bosco set out on a solo venture called The Bosco Money Project. Quick note.........check out Pete Nice's In J Minor for another classic Sam Sever production.

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