Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Pro Black Rap..............

One of the pioneers of the pro black rap movement, King Sun has managed to stick around for well over a decade. However, it wasn't long when King had to switch gears and come a little more street/hardcore. In the mid 90's King Sun dropped an ep which featured production by Tony Touch and dark street oriented lyrics by Sun. Ice Cube even felt his rath when he found himself dodging the plastered covered fist of King Sun outside club. The legend goes, King Sun asked Cube to listen to his demo and maybe hook up with the Lynch Mob, when Cube showed no interest in the tape and said some things you wouldn't say to King Sun. King then threw a punch at Cube but only to miss and send his fist into a car windshield. My favorite King Sun track is the Louie Vega produced Fat Tape with Be Black not to far behind.

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