Friday, April 01, 2005

Strictly From The Bronx.............

An old friend of mine dropped some names of groups I should give pub to. One of the groups was the duo Hard Knocks from the Bronx. The group made up of Hardhead (the mc) and the dj Stoneface based there debut and only album that came out on the one time underground hip hop haven Wild Pitch Records on there true life experiences growing up in New York. After reading a very small blurb about the group in The Source several years ago it came to my attention that they recorded and lived in the Atlanta Georgia area but still maintained there Bronx style of beats and rhymes. There album School Of The Hard Knocks still remains one of my favorite albums of all time, from beginning to end it's a classic with no room for argument. They released a single and video for the classic anti cop track Dirty Cop Named Harry, and if anyone has that video I would very much appreciate a copy!! The mp3 I chose to represent them is Strictly From The Bronx, enjoy.

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