Wednesday, April 20, 2005

A different kind of diner, the good kind................

Without a doubt this is one of my top 5 favorite albums of all time. The Large Professor produced the whole shot and did'nt get caught sleeping behind the sp1200. I know alot of people will say the rhymes were off or whatever, but I think everything jelled perfect. An unknown at the time named Dj Rob Swift just added to the classic record with pin point scratching and energy. There were two vids produced for the album, Ak hoo hoo and The Bomb, which got decent rotation on BET. The only thing I found odd or weird about the record was the title they selected to represent the album, Vagina Diner. My reasoning is there really is'nt a track that hints in association to the title. There is'nt any over sexed theme or non-stop sex talk on the record, just rhymes and above average beats provided by the Extra P. I can pull this album out at anytime and still get something out of it, most of which is the true talent of the one time tagged Boy Wonder beat maker Paul Mitchell. I could have picked any track from the record to represent it, but I settled on 30 Days

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