Friday, May 13, 2005

Penicillin On Wax..................

South Bronx native Tim Dog was first known as an extended member of the legendary Ultramagnetic Mc's. You can hear him exchange verses with Ultra on tracks like Make It Happen and Porno Star on their second album Funk Your Head Up. Tim later dropped his first of two solo albums on the Ruff House record label called Penicillin On Wax which is a bonified hardcore rap classic complete with Ultra cameos and beats by Ced Gee. The stand out track is the blunt anti west coast Fuck Compton which was a top five single on the rap/r&b charts in New York for obvious reasons. The onslaught of disses didn't stop with Fuck Compton, infact there are several references to NWA's sexuality and mic skills throughout the album. There are a lot of stand out tracks on this lp that are worth checking. The track I like the most from Penicillin On Wax is I Ain't Havin It.
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