Wednesday, April 12, 2006

In the attic again..................

Hailing from Long Island New York, Hard 2 Obtain dropped Ism & Blues on Atlantic Records under the watchful eye of Dante Ross of Stimulated Dummies fame. The record is 14 tracks deep and packed to the brim with beats. I remember seeing two videos from Ism & Blues that were shown on BET's Rap City. The first video that came out was also my favorite track on the record called L.I. Groove and the second was the Dj Nastee produced track Ghetto Diamond. If I remember correctly Hard 2 Obtain recieved some minor flack for the amount of white women used in the Ghetto Diamond video, however, I could be thinking of another group. Another little piece of info is the trio were also part of the Constipated Monkey's crew along side Kurious, Bobbito, KMD, amoung others.

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