Saturday, June 24, 2006

Brothers and Beatminerz..............

There is no question in my mind that Mr. Walt and Dj Evil Dee are one of the most underrated hip hop production teams ever. They transformed the way producers made beat's after the debut of Black Moon's Enta Da Stage. Heavy filtered bass and striped down nasty drums caused a frenzy and before you knew it beat makers were filtering out bass lines and trashing their keyboard's. The Beatminerz went on to produce classic beats for the like's of Mic Geromino, The Pharcyde, Rasco, and many more. Not to mention creating the ideal dark Boot Camp Click sound for crew members Smif n Wesson, OGC, & Heltah Skeltah. Even though the Beatminerz have been in the game for over 10 year's they continue to produce for the like's of Shortie No Mass, Krs 1, and Last Emp. Check out their myspace page's for exclusive remixes and beats.

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