Monday, February 06, 2006

Square One Followup..................

hey eric,
think i can help u on square one infos, as i released that record on my label showdown. yep, ur right, germany was the place where we created this lil gemm. the crew comes from munich (down south of germany, bavaria), 2 emcees, one deejay and one producer. most of the vocals were recorded down in munich, but the baby was put together (and mixed) here in hamburg (up north). we recorded a few joints in n.y. (ali vegas, a.g. & party arty) and the whole thing got finally mastered there by the legend tony dawsey. we released various 12"s before the album came out, there are also various 12" only b-sides. the album got released in japan on mic life records, with an additional track to it. they also released a showdown records compilation soon after (with another exclusive square one track). good to see that people all over the world have an appriciation for good hiphop isht - no matter where its from. well u know, its where its at and these guys knew were it was at that time. RASUL the main emcee and IMAN the beat conductor are both born in iran, they came to germany in their early teens. SIZZERHAND the deejay was born in brookly, bur grew up in munich. DOLO hails from baltimore and got stuck in germany after army services. the universal hiphop movement made it happen that these guys met, I found a demo tape of them and well we had the right timing and feeling to put that isht out. there u go... enjoy the music. on a sad note: the group broke up shortly after release...rock on.........Renski

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